25th June . Setúbal, Portugal


People are nature – delicate flower, complex forest, fierce predator, bird of paradise. We are made from the in same stuff as stars and we – human and non-human beings – are all residents of this Mother Earth together. She is our home.

Residents Festival is a space to feel our natural essence, feet on the grass, sun on our skin, hands in the soil, smelling the aromas and tasting the fruits of the gorgeous Arrabida Natural Park.

We have invited talented musicians, passionate experts and inspiring teachers that are residents in Portugal to share their wisdom with an intimate audience. 

Come and join us as we learn how to regenerate our natural world, how nature’s bounty will take care of us when we take care of her, how our health and the health of our planet is so intrinsically intertwined.

Meet your community, enjoy the conversations that blossom unexpectedly from those deep and instantaneous connections, and celebrate that we are alive in this moment with artists guiding us on a journey of light and soundscapes.

A unique experience. Never to be repeated, but forever nourishing your psyche. Unite with us.
Inhale, smile, relax, breathe, let go. You are home. You are home. You are home.


Digital Communication, Design, DJ




Our priorities are the natural world and a team that is representative of the rich community that is resident in Portugal. We want to give back and learn how to give back to our environment before we enjoy the stunning that she provides us.

We also want to work with a diverse team because we know that – just as we see in our ancient forests – diverse environments are strong, resilient and beautiful. 

If we want a diverse community of leaders, we need to create role models today. We ask for your help in identifying people in minority groups who might be interested in collaborating with us on this event. Please write to us with your suggestions.