25th June . Setúbal, Portugal


Biovilla is a cooperative for sustainable development. They believe that our future depends on living differently. They exist to show that it is possible to satisfy all our needs without compromising the future in an economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally positive way – by living in a regenerative way.

SafeJourney’s mission is to provide information, opinions and various resources on the subject of psychedelics on a digital platform and intended to promote reflection and discussion on the better integration of these tools in Portuguese society. We are guided by the values of safety and health protection, respect for legality and science, and transparency.

MOONDANCE Music is a Portugal based collective of artists and professionals dedicated to the production of chill out and mid-tempo music and digital-electronic art, passionate about creating musical experiences, visuals and immersive environments.

KOSMICARE was born of a will to inspire change in drug policies and promote the empowerment of people that use drugs, as well as their families and communities. As a collective, they work to promote safer drug use patterns and to implement more humane and evidence-based policies and practices.

SPACE’s mission is to study, disseminate and promote knowledge about the properties and potential therapeutic uses of entheogenic substances (also known as by psychedelics), natural, synthetic or semi-synthetic substances capable of causing altered states of consciousness and holding therapeutic potential in the field of clinical medicine.