25th June . Setúbal, Portugal


Here you have the most relevant information to resolve all the little doubts you may have and if you have any that haven’t occurred to us, please contact us and let us know what is missing! We can’t wait to see you there!

* The ticket price doesn’t include food or drinks. *


Biovilla is nestled into the hills of Arrábida Natural Park but only 10 minutes driving from Setúbal and Palmela in Alentejo and around 50 minutes from Lisbon.

GPS Coordinates: 38.539289,-8.940488

Address: Herdade do Pinhal Basto, Barris, 2950-055 Palmela – CCI 4238

There are train connections from Roma-Areeiro Station in Lisbon to the city of Setúbal. You can check the timetables at www.fertagus.pt. In Setúbal we suggest that you take a taxi/Uber to Biovilla. It is about 6 km.

Make sure you plan your journey in advance. We don’t want you to miss it 🙂

Check the Rede Expressos website for bus timetables to Setúbal. From there we suggest that you take a taxi/Uber to Biovilla. It is about 6 km.

Make sure you plan your journey in advance. We don’t want you to miss it 🙂

From Lisbon, passing the 25 de Abril bridge, take the A2 and then exit at the Palmela/Montijo exit. After the tolls, at the roundabout, head towards Palmela until the next roundabout. There, turn right towards Palmela, then straight ahead until the next roundabout. At that roundabout, head towards Quinta do Anjo and Cabanas. At the next roundabout, follow the sign indicating BARRIS and ADEGA. Go for a while in that direction, passing by the “O Bando” Theatre and the Gaiteiro restaurant (on the left). Then you will find a new sign indicating ADEGA, do not follow it, you must turn left following the main road. Go up the mountain until you find the Biovilla sign on your right.

Make sure you plan your journey in advance. We don’t want you to miss it 🙂

Parking is included in the price of your ticket.

Biovilla Cafe and Bar will serve snacks and drinks all day as well as a gorgeous lunch and dinner. All food is vegetarian and organic, low sugar. More information from the Biovilla team on growing the food and the menu coming very soon!

* The ticket price doesn’t include food or drinks. *

Free drinking water will be available. Bring your reusable water bottle and stay hydrated.

Please use pocket ashtrays for your cigarette butts (they contain substances that will kill the ground where they land) and use the recycling bins available.

Cups/bottles will NOT be provided in order to reduce the amount of rubbish that we generate. You MUST bring your own cup or bottle – we suggest a bottle for water and a cup for your drink of choice.

If you have a disability, please email us at hello@residentsfestival.pt and we will create a plan with you to meet your needs so you can enjoy the day with us.

Speak to any member of the Residents team.

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We will be recording the talks and the sets at Residents Festival and they will be available to watch on the Residents Festival for a small fee. The reason we do this is to share the important messages discussed during the talks and the amazing music that was performed globally outside of Portugal and to recover some of the investment that was made to produce the event. If you have attended the festival we will of course gift this access to you! 

Biovilla Sustentabilidade

Herdade de Pinhal Basto, Vale de Barris, CCI 4238, 2950-055 Palmela, Portugal

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