25th June . Setúbal, Portugal


We are not repairing nature, we are nature repairing itself. This gallery is a collective portrait of our ecosystem, of which we are a fundamental part, and reminds us that human beings are nature, something that some of us seem to have forgotten. We need to leave behind the disconnection that our modern way of life, increasingly anchored to technology, has brought with it and return to our roots. Our faces, our pores, our skin, are similar to the surface of a leaf or a feather; the colours of our eyes are in the trees and the petals of the flowers that open around us; our hair is like the fur covering cats and dogs that share their lives with us. We all come from the same place, we are all on the same path and we will all eventually return to earth. We are together in this amazing journey that is life. This collection of photographs attempts to give a kaleidoscopic view of this reality, of this magnificent multiplicity of shapes and colours through which life is manifesting.